Get on the guestlist for Saturday night and avoid cover before midnight! Limited to the first 20 guests and all submissions include a +1.

Saturday Guestlist:
FULL For 12-16

See you this weekend!

How Does A Guestlist Work?

Our guestlist is very simple. You sign up above and we add you and a +1 (a guest of your choice) to a special list that is placed at the door with the hostess.

When you show up to the Standard just walk past the line and approach the doorman or hostess and notify them that you are on the guestlist. They will then check your driver license (or other valid form of ID) and verify with the list that you are on it.

If you arrive before midnight you will avoid the cover charge that ranges from $5 to $20 depending on the night.

We close the guestlist at 8pm on Saturday night. If you happen to sneak in after 8pm you will not be recognized on the list as it is printed at 8pm. You will however be placed on the list for next week.

If you have any questions about you reservation on the guestlist please call 559-434-3638.

What Does A Guestlist Mean?

A guestlist means that you are added to a special form that lets our staff know that you are a special guest and that you should not be charged a cover and that you should also not wait in line. It also means that you and a guest of your choosing can enter the lounge without wait and with out any charge.

Who Can Join The Guestlist?

Anyone over the age of 21 who has a valid ID can join the guestlist. Only one gueslist reservation can be made per email address. All gueslist RSVP’s include a +1 so only a total of 40 people are allowed on the guestlist each Saturday night.

The Standard reserves the right to close the guestlist at any time.