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2013 Fresno Haunted Mansion Halloween Party

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Ever hear about all the local businesses who try to throw a Halloween Party in Fresno?

They are kind of unusual parties with some rather unusual promotions and ideas for trying to get you to go to their event.

Especially when they say they have the best Halloween Party in town.

You see, they didn’t realize that year after year (5 years to be exact) we have thrown the biggest, best, most noted Haunted Mansion Halloween Party in Fresno, if not the Valley.

I suspect they probably even laugh at all the extra space we attach outdoors, extra bars we add, special guest DJ’s that come in, extra bathrooms that are added, and all the extra staff hired to pull off the biggest Halloween Party in town

What’s our secret to pulling of a Halloween Party that will leave you and your friends talking about it for weeks and months afterwards?

Well, believe it or not we just put ourselves in your shoes.

We’ve actually done a ton of research on this while creating our party every year.

Here it is:

  • We offer insanely low rates for early bird tickets
  • All staff is decked out in costumes the day of
  • You can win a cash prize for the best costume
  • Party at the only place in north Fresno that is open and serving drinks until 2am
  • Professional photographer on location
  • Food and drink specials
  • Added VIP Bottle service areas for comfort

But here is the REALLY weird part…

If you don’t come dressed in a costume YOU are the odd one out!

It’s sounds weird, but it works like crazy every year.

You literally can feel the excitement when you walk into the party.

Don’t get left out, waiting in line this year. Buy your tickets today:

P.S. If you buy your tickets today, we’ll give you them at half price for $5 Off! Use Code: 5off

Just enter BOGO2013 in the promo code box above.

But you can’t put this off, we are only offering 30 deals.
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