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Fresno New Years Eve 2015 – Standard

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Where has the time gone?

It seems as though these years are passing faster and faster!

With that said you should spend the last day of the year with the people you love most. We think there is no one better to ring in the 2015 New Year with then the ones you love.

After all the shopping, and dinners, and travel you should be able to get cozy with the people you know best, raise a glass to the new, and say goodbye to the old.

Ring In 2015

We are throwing our New Years Eve 2015 party with all the same bells and whistles as last year.

Party favors at the door, countdown with champagne toast and a balloon drop at midnight

But that also means that we are limiting the number of people we let, again. This year we trimmed it down even further to just 200 tickets online.

Last year we had to turn people away (sorry but we just can’t have too many people at this event) and those that thought they could just show up the night of and get in were sadly disappointed.

The Standard New Years Eve

Get Your Tickets Today

Pre-Sale Tickets are $15 until December 16th or when they run out. There are only 40 available.

Until Christmas Tickets are $20 or when they run out. There are only 60 available.

Regular Tickets are $25. You can still save $5 if you buy before the day of.

Day of tickets are going to be $30 plus.

And any special entrances (I wouldn’t press your luck if I were you) at the door will cost $40+.